A game of resilience and consciousness

Designed to bring awareness and at the same time help to maximise and optimise our brain functions. In these times of great transformation, it could be useful to transform ourselves, reshaping our behaviours, our thought patterns and transforming into a different way of life.

Welcome to Resilience – the brain awareness game…

These truly are unprecedented times and one of the most important things for each and everyone of us will be Brain Resilience.

I’m extremely grateful to my team for creating the visual pathway for daily brain tasks in the game. The tasks span over 45 days and each day you have a mission to perform.

I’m asking all of you to give 2 euros for this game and I will be separating this into a fund so that, when we get through this difficult period of time, I can create a non-profit organisation for educational projects worldwide.

By giving that €2, you will be helping create this new organisation and showing how we really are focused on shifting education and how we as educators can change.

Once the new organisation is set up, we’ll let you know. We’ll tell you about all the projects your kind donation is going to help.

Join us on this 45 day brain resilience challenge…

❤ Brilliant Brains United



Click on the donate button, donate your €2 and we’ll send you to the Resilience Game page where you can download the game, print if off and start your 45 day brain resilience challenge!!

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Rachel Paling, creator of Neurolanguage Coaching®