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I’d like to tell you more about our Neurolanguage Coaching course. Neurolanguage Coaching® is very much about bringing neuroscience and coaching into the language learning process.

We are the ones who are now transforming and implementing the neuroscience. Everything about Neurolanguage Coaching is about being brain-friendly. Brain friendly in how we communicate and how we act.

Everything that we do, the structure, the delivery, takes into account how the brain learns, how the brain functions, how the brain reacts. So on our Neurolanguage Coaching courses, we start off with coaching and we start off with the question of what is coaching and how can we bring coaching into language learning.

And this means that, right from the beginning, I get you to feel, walk, talk, breathe and be a coach. I get you to really understand how different language coaching is compared to teaching. It really is extremely different. We go from being a directive teacher to understanding how to be non-directive and brain-friendly in our communication.

Then we go onto the neuroscience and take that journey into the brain. We start off in very, very simple terms when going into scientific explanations.

We as educators need to understand that just one drop of cortisol in the brain could totally affect the learning process. So we have to know how to be sensitive. Neurolanguage Coaches know how to coach people around barriers and blocks and really help people to come into that learning process but tailored to that person, because we know that every brain is different.

After the neuroscience, we bring that together with the Neurolanguage Coach process. We put the process into a definite structure. There are so many people doing Language Coaching these days. But what many, many people miss is real structure and process. Neurolanguage Coaching has a definite structure. Structure right from the beginning to the end.

We create a unique first session with our learners and on the course you learn how to build up that first session, step by step – getting everything you need from the learner. Then we look at how to create the roadmap forwards with your learner. Then we look at the goal review.

Finally we go into how to deliver brain-friendly grammar conversations so that the learner is coming into a very relaxed conversation about grammar and instantly getting it. That’s the idea. This course is for teachers of language. We always ask that the teacher of language either has a diploma, a degree or evidence of teaching with at least three years language teaching experience. This is because, on this course, we don’t teach you how to teach language. What we do is we transform the process. So I need to know that you know how to deliver language learning and that you really understand languages.

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Rachel Paling

Neurolanguage Coaching Face to Face and Online (Live) Courses are accredited by the International Coaching Federation with 36 Credits

Offer 1: Language Coaching Certification

The Language Coaching Certification programme is transforming language teachers, trainers and educators “beyond teaching”, encompassing the principles of coaching and neuroscience in practical terms.

This in turn is bringing more recognition and a higher appreciation of what we are really doing, which ultimately is empowering our learners into success. 

In this unprecedented time, let’s do the unprecedented – never before have we stopped the world, so in this forced stop, let’s make positive the negative and take the chance to develop as a Neurolanguage Coach. This is a global shift – so let’s SHIFT THE GLOBE into a new prospective of education. From language teacher to Neurolanguage Coach – join us on a special marathon course – introducing language teachers to coaching and neuroscience to transform the language learning process.

We also have a course especially for non-language teachers – Neurolanguage Communication® – especially designed for teachers of all disciplines, HR managers, Therapists, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Details of your discounted course price offer is sent to you once you submit your enquiry form. 

Why don’t we display prices here?

We offer price plans, instalment plans, country specific discounts and sponsorship packages and it would simply be impossible for us to display a price when all our packages are tailored and personalised for you.  

Be part of a worldwide support Network and community

There are over 700+ Neurolanguage Coaches worldwide, many of them have already totally changed their lives.

Neurolanguage Coaches are making a difference, they are starting to raise heads. They are forming a community. Our vision for this community is that we’re helping each other.

There are many reasons why it could be interesting to take this jump with us and with pleasure if you would like to arrange a phone call then let’s get that arranged. It would be great to just to talk to you and answer your questions about Neurolanguage Coaching, coaching, life coaching or any of the courses and events we run.

To arrange a call with Rachel Paling, please email us at [email protected]

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 The magazine brings interesting articles, news and updates to the Neurolanguage community – not only from Neurolanguage Coaches but also from people interested in learning, neuroscience, psychology, languages and other areas that interest us all.

We really want to encourage all NL Coaches and subscribers to write articles on topics of your choice.

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Offer 2: Get the Introduction to Neurolanguage Coaching® e-Course


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E-Course Summary

How does the brain learn? How does the brain react? How can we get the best from our learner? With all these years of experience and having trained over 500 teachers worldwide to become Neurolanguage coaches, I’m delighted to share this experience with you so that you can also take this information and transform yourselves.

This course is divided into six parts.

The first part is really about this question of why make this transition from language teacher to Language Coach to Neurolanguage Coach.

The second part introduces a little bit about neuro-education and neuro-Educators. What does it mean to be a neuro-educator nowadays?

The third part brings you tips from coaching to really enhance the learning process. What you can do to change your style of conversation from coaching to make that change.

Part four introduces you into a little bit about the neuroscience and how the awareness starts with us. It starts with us understanding the brain. The more that we understand it the more that we can bring to the learner.

Part five explores the top 10 teacher habits, and this is interesting because it’s where all of you will have to ask yourselves – “am I guilty of this habit?”.

Part six is very much about introducing you to the Neurolanguage Community and introducing you to the next steps in the Neurolanguage Coaching journey.


What is Neurolanguage Coaching®?

“Neurolanguage Coaching® is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge and skills from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain-based coaching and coaching principles and neuroscience.”

Neurolanguage Coaching® introduces an understanding of the theory and principles behind 🧠🧠 brain-based coaching and how neuroscientific research can assist in understanding and formulating powerful coaching conversations.

One of the reasons that Rachel created the method and approach was to bring a “crystallised definition and structure” to the general term of language coaching, but with the added extra of neuroscience and how the brain functions, learns and reacts. Rachel personally began with this quest 18 years ago, when she was first introduced to the concept of language coaching in Germany.

Neurolanguage Coaching® is focused on and ever related to the learning, improvement or enhancement of a language that is being learnt, practised or utilised by the coachee. It encompasses all that we have said relating to the world of coaching: coaching models, tools, structure, practices, philosophies and in addition the ethics and standards of the International Coach Federation.

When completing the full Neurolanguage Coaching certification courses, Neurolanguage Coaches are trained in the practical application of neuroscientific principles, relating to how the brain learns, functions and reacts, in particular in relation to emotional triggers when learning a language, drawing Krashen´s affective filter into the scientific evidence arena.

Pure language coaching does NOT normally draw upon the neuroscience and how the brain functions and learns.

The Differences
Between Language Teaching and Language Coaching…

Clarity Between Coaching, Language Coaching and Neurolanguage Coaching®…